Pine Fur Con

Smash Tournament Rules

Super Smash Ultimate Event

This is where you serious players can decide who is the best here at Pine Fur Con.


  • Sets 2 of 3
  • Random Stage set to Battlefield and Omega stages only
  • No items

Super Smash Ultimate Fun - Casual Tournament

When the game room invades Main Events, its gotta be for a funky fun event. Smash Brother Ultimate can be a very serious video game, but we you add items, a crazy stage list, with hazards on, and the Final Smash Meter on, you get the makings of an insanely fun event. Prizes going to a random participant and the winner.


  • 4 Stock
  • All items turned on and set to High
  • No items like Special Flags, All healing items, Smoke Balls, Dragooon/Daybreak, and Smash Balls
  • Stages to be determined later