Pine Fur Con

Dealers' Den Registration

The Dealers Den is the traditional home of vendors at most Furry Conventions; in other genre of conventions, this can be also be known as the Vendor Hall or Expo Hall. Here, attendees can buy a wide variety of merchandise such as comics, games, t-shirts, books, plush toys, commissions and so much more. As well as shopping, one can often meet artists and authors, either as guests of vendors or at a table of their very own. You may be able to commission that artist you’ve always wanted to meet.

How to be a dealer at Pine Fur Con

  • If you are interested in being a dealer, registration details are now available.
  • Dealer registration includes the cost of their attendee registration for the convention.
  • All tables come with limited access to power. This is for basic use, such as charging a phone or running a laptop. Please supply your own power strip.
Please see the Attendee Registration page for the perks each registration level ("Hip", "Groovy", or "Superfly") gets.
Full Table
Hip: $110
Groovy: $145
Superfly: $165
  • Table dimensions: 6' x 2.5'
  • Attendee registration included
  • Allowed 1 Dealers' Assistant
Half Table
Hip: $85
Groovy: $120
Superfly: $140
  • Table dimensions: 3' x 2.5'
  • Attendee registration included
  • Allowed 1 Dealers' Assistant
Dealer Assistant
Hip: $25
Groovy: $95
Superfly: $115
  • Each Dealer may have one assistant. Additional assistants require approval.
  • A special price of $25 gets the assistant Tier 1 attendance.
  • Other tiers are simply an additional $5 on the Tier's regular price.
  • Dealer assistant registrations are included in the dealer's registration, they do not register separately.

All attendees must read the Dealer Information Packet before applying!

Registrations are currently: CLOSED

Process Overview

  • On October 15th 2018, at Noon EST, we will begin taking Dealer Applications.
  • We will close applications on January 15 2019.
  • Applications may be cancelled until February 28 2019.
  • We will notify all who applied of their selection within two weeks of the close date.
  • When notified you will be given a payment code.

Registration Details

Please feel free to contact the Dealers Den Staff with any questions.
[email protected]