Pine Fur Con

DJ Sign-Up

Its time to get groovy, funky, and (if you want) with the 70s . Pine Fur Con wants you give us your mix tape and be one of our funky DJs at this years Pine Fur Con.

Fill out the form below to be entered to play.


  • Demo length must be between 30 and 60 minutes
  • Filename must be in format: DJNAME_DEMO.mp3
  • Please state if your set contains any PG-13 or higher content as this is very important for placing you in the appropriate time of the night
Accepted DJs will be given a day badge on the day of their set, if needed.

If you cannot make it to the convention after submitting your application, please email [email protected] so we know not to consider you. Please give us at least a few weeks' notice prior to the convention date (April 5) so we can plan accordingly.

We look forward to hearing your mixes!

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