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Pine Fur Con's 2018 Charity

Short Folks For Hope Logo

Short Folks for Hope Foundation is a 501(c)(3) cancer support charity in Maine founded and directed by cancer survivor Kristen Short.
Their mission is to empower, encourage and celebrate cancer warriors with special projects that include:

  • The Vivian St. Onge
  • Memorial Rickshaw Team
  • Wishes For Hope
  • The Hope Bear Project
  • Special visits to hospitals, respite camps and charity events with their hope-fostering friend, Lagoona the Dutch Angel Dragon.
Working with youth volunteers, Short Folks For Hope inspires, guides and provides opportunities for youth to be creative, compassionate, hope-fostering members of our communities, and recognizes outstanding charitable efforts by youth. Short Folks For Hope also donates to cancer support care organizations that provide high-quality cancer support services free of charge to those impacted by cancer.

Short Folks For Hope Foundation – Supporting the Cancer Community…Family Style!

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