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Short Folks for Hope Foundation is a 501(c)(3) cancer support charity in Maine founded and directed by cancer survivor Kristen Short.
Their mission is to empower, encourage and celebrate cancer warriors with special projects that include:

  • The Vivian St. Onge Memorial Rickshaw Team, which enables cancer warriors to experience the joy and exhilaration of charity cycling events with team pedicab drivers
  • Wishes For Hope, creatively fulfilling little wishes for cancer patients
  • The Hope Bear Project, providing Encouragement Packs and Hope Bears to cancer patients
  • Furries for Hope & Supers for Hope, bringing smiles to kids with life-threatening illnesses with visits to respite camps, charity and community events with our Furry Ambassador, Lagoona the Dutch Angel Dragon, and her furry friends, and special “super” characters
Working with youth volunteers, Short Folks For Hope inspires, guides and provides opportunities for youth to be creative, compassionate, hope-fostering members of our communities, and recognizes outstanding charitable efforts by youth. Short Folks For Hope also donates to cancer support care organizations that provide high-quality cancer support services free of charge to those impacted by cancer.

Short Folks For Hope Foundation – Supporting the Cancer Community…Family Style!

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